Why do mothers of the young children prefer the games (العاب) as anice indoor diversion for their children?

The mothers of the young children used the Games (العاب) as the best source for the indoor diversion. The young children are not less than the little monsters and their mothers are always busy. The mothers have to first cook food for them then spend an hour or so in feeding them. They have to do the laundry and change the clothes of the children twice or thrice a day because young children wet and dirty their clothes in no time. And other then that there are also hundreds of the household chores that are the part of the daily routine of these mothers. Therefore, looking after the children is difficult because they need 24/7 care and mothers have to keep their guard up all the time so that their little ones are not hurt or injured during their never-ending mischiefs and games.

The games (العاب)provide these mothers the distraction they require for their children so they can do some other tasks in the day. the game designers are designing the making the special type of games for the young children whose features helps the children in learning the basics like ABC and 123 while playing the games. The bright colors and graphics are used in the design of these games so that the children would be attracted towards these games. The music and other effects are also added in these games so that thesegames (العاب)can capture the complete focus and concentration of the children and occupy their mind completely for the time being.

The games (العاب)are made by the gamers makers by keeping in mind that these games are for children and no serious and harsh themes should not be used in games especially the wars and fighting themes so that they do not damage the fragile and the sensitive minds of the young children. In this way, the mothers can let their children play these games (العاب)for the children without any worry and tension.