What are the symptoms and signs of polysubstance abuse?

If any of the people take more than one drug at the same time, then it is a misuse of drug and called as polysubstance abuse. Most of the people can use the drug in a large amount at a time for enhancing the effects of the substance. It helps them to stifle negative side effects, or it also helps in dealing with withdrawals or comes down. These days, people use two drugs mostly that is marijuana and alcohol they combine both these drugs with other strong drugs. But some people might abuse several drugs in many different methods. Due to continuing use of various drugs addiction is gradually developing.

Following are the polysubstance abuse symptoms and signs:
The symptoms and signs of polysubstance abuse will depend on the quality of the drug that is being used. But symptoms could be almost like to those of monosubstance abuse. Moreover, with the misuse of multiple drugs, the symptoms are more severe. Below give some symptoms that you may notice if you are an addict of any drugs.
• Changes in mood swings or mood
• Anger and irritability
• Rapidly changes in eating habits
• Lack of concern in daily pleasurable activities
• Fatigue or sleepiness
• Lack of motivation and change in sleeping pattern
• Depression, panic, anxiety and sometimes your body weight May loss or gain.

Therefore, if you notice all above mention symptoms and signs in your body after taking the drugs, and then it means you misuse drugs. If you want to get rid of this problem then you need to go at rehabs centers or residential treatment centers at there you get proper treatment. These outpatient rehabs mainly work with those people who are under pressure with polysubstance use. You must take drugs in a proper quantity, so you do not have any type of problem, and your body remains healthy and fit.