What are rice cooker and its types?

Rice cooker is used in many different ways. It is most dedicated home appliance, every home in the world has some or other form of cooker as it is used for cooking rice that has traditionally required constant attention to ensure that rice was cooked properly, it may sometime also overcook. But after the invention of electric rice cookers automate the process by electronically controlling both the heat and time. It reduces the high risk of overcook rice as it is now automatically switch off the cooker when the rice is perfectly cooked and leave it to the warm stage to keep the rice warm for longer hours.

A beautifully designed kitchen not looks good if it does not have an adequate cooking range. As it is said that cooking is an art and it takes lot of planning and preparation to cook a meal. You cannot eat out every day as it is quite expensive and unhealthy for the human body. There is nothing better than home cooked meals which keep you healthy and fit. There are many different types of tools to cook perfect rice according to energy sources: electric and gas, solar powered cooker and the coal powered cooker.

Types of cooker to cook rice:

• Gas cookers: Gas cookers are the best way to cook rice, it allow you to take control of the heat source more effectively. It is the quick process to heat up and within a minute the rice is cooked. But it allows human to pay more attention while cooking as it sometime overcooked the rice.

• Electric cooker: It is the standard and the modern type of cooker. An electric cooker range has identically four different types of coils connected to an electric conductor under the stove. It is the best way to cook in the electric cooker, as it is electronically the automated process.

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