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A GPS has 3 components: The first component is the space component (24 satellites) orbiting the Earth, of which 21 are navigation and three backup satellites. The second component consists of the main station at Colorado Springs and consists in 5 tracking stations with 3terrestrial antennas distributed around the Earth, these stations can control the place of each of the GPS satellites, and finally, the user component that comprises the receivers.

Satellites are transmitting their time data and position continuously, which are processed by the GPS to establish the 3 dimensional position, latitude, longitude, and altitude, speed and time.
The GPS market is in full growth, therefore there are many brands, models, and costs. But not only can you buy GPS devices, but there are many applications for smartphones, and even GPS clocks like the TomTom Runner, which is designed for runners, or the Polar M400, an average-priced GPS watch, its GPS is ultra-fast and is very useful for the practice of dozens of sports. The GPS Runsese SF-310 watch from Epson has a very fast GPS that can even be activated without an internet connection.
Using a GPS has become a very useful tool, which previously required a lot of time to download the updates and even the costs were high. Currently, we can find both applications and updates even at no cost.
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