Tips For Remote And Controller

Probably the most exciting leads of publishing your video game on Amazon Fire TV is that you could run Android games on the TV. In case you are already building online games for Android, you may use the same codebase you now have, and make that video game playable on Amazon Fire TV.

A v important factor to consider is how exactly to add support for consumer input from the recently announced Amazon Firestick Remote and Amazon Fire video game controller. Luckily, simple controller support has already been built into Google android. You can leverage the Google android input gadget APIs and the overall game controller API from the Amazon Fire TV SDK to really get your game prepared to publish very quickly. Here is the best thing you must do to get your game prepared for Amazon Fire TV customers.

Think Remote First
An Amazon Fire TV remote is roofed with every Amazon Fire TV. That means at the minimum, your app should support basic four-way routing and selection insight from the remote itself. Let’s check out the button layout:

As you can plainly see above, the remote includes a standard group of navigational buttons and an individual selection button in the guts. That’s your player’s primary method of input. The remote also offers some extra proprietary buttons including house, back again and menu buttons which react exactly how you’ll anticipate them to on any Google android device. I extremely suggest referring to the rules for Controller Behavior for our suggestions around assisting the Amazon Fire TV remote in your video game.

Also consider that the Amazon Firestick Remote may be the most common input gadget users of Fire TV use. By designing video games that will make use of the remote, you boost your chances of attractive to a broader audience. When you can publish video games that only utilize the Amazon Fire video game controller to the shop, remember that not everyone includes a game controller — those online games that leverage the remote input could have a broader audience charm.