Termite Treatment: How to Treat Termites from Furniture?

To do the termite treatment to your furniture you need to know the termite’s type. Mainly there are two major kinds of termites found in house property. One is a dry wood termite, and other is a subterranean termite. Subterranean termite is live in moist or wet places that are why it is mostly found in the garden area and in the kitchen and toilet moist areas. Whereas dry wood termites are live in a dry wooden place so that the termite, which eats your furniture, is this.

• Termite treatment:

To get rid of the termites from your furniture first need to termite inspection. When you know the infested termite furniture now, you can do some treatments at home by yourself, or you can choose to do a professional pest control treatment too.

• Heat treatment:

Termite tends to live in dark, wet or moist area. Though the dry wood termite says the term dry but the wood get infested is moist than normal wood. Placing the furniture into the bright sunlight will let you get rid of that creepy insect. Keep the furniture into the sunrays for 2-3 days and keep rotating every side of the furniture so that the termite won’t find any cold place to hide. Termites cannot tolerate heat. It will either leave the furniture or will die.

• Freeze treatment:

Thetermite’scon not even bears excess cold too. If the furniture is a small one and can be fit into the freezer, then you can try the termite treatment. Pack the furniture tightly in a plastic bag and keep it in the freezer for at least one week. Then get it out and keep it in the plastic for two more days and you will see all the termites are dead.

• Relocate:

The furniture place needs to be dry out properly. If you place the treated furniture again into the moist area in your room, then the furniture will be again affected. Make sure to repair any moisture into the room and place the furniture into clean, dry and sunlight location to get termite control furniture.

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