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What is the most famous 2018 wrestling news?

In every year you will always hear something about the wwe rumors. One of the most famous in the WWE was the returning of the Undertaker. This rumour had the most famous news in the world television history. He was killed by a wrestler in the WWE ring itself. But after 2 to 3 days he had come from the graveyard. At first WWE name was WWF in which many wrestlers took part and fought with their opposition team. The WWE had hosted more than 500 live shows in the global world.

What is the most famous 2018 WWE news?
The following are the most famous WWE news and they are:
• First one was the live score of the WWE Smackdown game, in this game, only Dolph Ziggler had gone and left the WWE show. The match was between Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin in which the incidenttook place.
• One of the latest news was that ivory would be a member of the 2018 WWE Wall of Fame. Ivory was the most famous wrestler in the WWE show. She was the winner of the WWE Women Championship.
• Serena Deep had announced herself that he would be the coach of the women talent in the WWE. She will be teaching the other women wrestler of the WWE women before going to the ring.
• WWE had started the news trade of showing all the raw videos of the WWE. That means you will get all the raw footage of the fight without being edited. This Raw footage will come in the live match of Smackdown and NXT.
From where you can get all the wrestling news
If you have any of the matches of WWE in television then you can get all the wrestling news from the internet. There is an official site of the WWEshow from where you can get all the live score and some of the videos also.