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womens Offer Hockey sticks with Different Properties

womens hockey sticks should be light weight and durable so that a player can play with it easily. A stick should be comfortable to hold and should have a firm grip so that a player has convenience during a game. understands this fact and also that the comfort offered by an ice hockey stick largely depends upon the properties of the stick and therefore these properties have been discussed here.

• Lie –The lie of a stick refers to the angle between the shaft of the stick and its blade. While making a stick at, careful attention is paid to it so that the lie is appropriate to each player’s requirement. Generally, players prefer a lie near 5.5 while a goal keeper’s lie is usually between 11 and 15. These lie numbers are derived keeping in mind that a value of 5 corresponds to 135 degrees and each additional value refers to a 2 degrees smaller angle.
• Flex – It is also called bend, stiffness or whip and refers to the amount of force that must be applied on a stick to bend it for a certain amount. This characteristic is looked at as very important by many women ice hockey players.
• Blade pattern – It is also considered to be a very important property of a stick as each blade differs in thickness and length and can be customized as per player requirements. The parameters for blade designing are the curve, face, angle and toe.
• Illegal curves – To prevent any illegal curve, the sticks are designed with a curve of ½ to 3/4th of an inch so that the game remains competitive.
• Tape – Different types of differently colored tapes are used at the top of a shaft to enhance the grip of a player. As per comfort, it entirely depends upon a player’s choice the kind of tape that she will use.
Among all women’s hockey equipments, the stick is perhaps the most important gear and hence ample attention is given while making a stick for each individual player so that these points are well kept in mind.