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Technology advanced

There are many technology advancements in the world and the beginning was always TV. It was the important communication medium through which the world understood what was happening in the other parts of the world. So beginning with this technology there were some more technologies that came where the world which looked so big then has become a tiny globe now. What is the latest development on TV. On TV our scientists have researched more and more to bring different models of the same item but the programs or shows that a tv telecast are by far the same and depend on the actors performances but not the color and complexion of the tv set. So what can a never technology be, it will by far be internet as it is a place where you can store data, send and receive data and also view data as per your convenience. After internet advent man has stepped further in his research and created TVs that can connect to internet directly. Now we call them smart TV’s and if you own one smart tv then you will never have to miss your favorite show even if you miss them you can watch them over the internet.

But where can you what all Pinoy Tv programs?
There is a hangout destination for all pinoy tv lovers and it is called pinoy tambayan where you get to watch all your favorite shows just after 1 day of their airing during your free time. If you have a long schedule of appointments or engagements this week then postpone your hangout to whenever you feel leisure and then watch all together on the internet at pinoy tambayan. This is what technology advancement can do to you. It can do some good and some bad. But in this regard it does the best you need.