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Strategies for Selecting a Racing Quadcopter

Just like any type of multirotor, there are lots of different racing quadcopters to select from. And a lot more come out every month.
It can be challenging to understand what choices are available, which might be best for different needs, and the way to generate your final choice.
So I put together 7 pointers that will help you opt for a racing quadcopter. You will learn whether or not to pick a DIY or RTF rig, read more to decide on a camera, plus even more. Let us get started.

This is the first question you need to ask yourself:
“Do I need to construct my own quadcopter or purchase one that is ready to fly?”
There are advantages to both paths and every suits different people better.
First off, creating your own racing drone (DIY) could be a lot cheaper than purchasing a ready-to-fly (RTF) rig. Occasionally you are able to pay as much as half as much.
You also get to customize your specs and features according to your racing fashion. For this reason, many professional pilots assemble their very own quadcopters.
The catch is that you either have to understand or learn the technical aspect of quad core, including picking the right parts so that they match up properly and with a soldering iron.

If you are interested in seeing what it is like to create a racing quadcopter, this video from Tested is excellent.
If you don’t need to construct your own, there are loads of high quality ready-to-fly alternatives on the market. Listed below are a few to check out:
• ARRIS 250
• TBS Vendetta
• Vortex 285
You will typically pay more for a RTF quadcore, but you will have the ability to get from the air much quicker and you won’t need to learn each of the technical knowledge necessary to construct one. You’ll also minimize any errors you could make constructing one.

I normally imply that new racers go this course. But, every pilot will want to make repairs for their quad sooner or later, so a bit technical knowledge can go a very long way.