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Tips to choose the best vintage petticoat dress

Do you want to wear the vintage petticoat dresses that women used to wear in 1950s? There are many online vintage apparel stores where you can find the vintage petticoats at a very competitive price. You can choose the best colored undergarment that fits to wear on your outfit. Ideally, undergarment is the undergarment that is worn on skirt or dress. This is lightweight, durable and flexible. This gives you ample comfort and can be worn in all seasons. This is made of different kinds of materials including organza, cotton, chiffon, etc. This garment will add huge volume to the dress and keep it stiff without flying. These are to be worn on the wedding dress. Despite of many types of undergarments available in the market, women are choosing to buy vintage ones as these are adding elegance and look to the wedding dress.

When you are planning to buy vintage garment, you need to see for which occasion you would like to wear, material with which it is stitched, size of the petticoat dress and condition of the dress. Undeniably, this undergarment decides that flow of your dress. There are a few types of undergarments that are netted and are not comfortable to wear during summer. The best undergarment material used is organza. This is soft, easy to wear, durable and add huge volume to the wedding dress. In addition, chiffon is another material that adds volume and is comfortable to wear.
Choose right sized dress: You need to buy this garment that perfectly fits you. You need to take precise measurements of hips and waist before buying. If you are buying this garment for your existing dress, ensure to check which length of this garment you need. Take measurement of your saree, dress or skirt from the waist until hem. You need to choose this garment as per your convenience. You can buy the one that lets you to emphasize this garment to be visible from the skirt you wear.
Check the condition: You need to buy this garment that is free from stains and damages. Also, you need to check for any discoloration or stains on it while buying for wedding dress.