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What are some of the budget paintball masks out there?

Shopping for a paintball mask doesn’t always mean that you only have to buy the best paintball mask out there. Sure, the Dye i5, the i4, the Empire EVS and other high end masks are fantastic masks without a doubt. But, if you don’t need the plush comfort that these high end masks offer, you can still pick up a great paintball mask for far less than $100.

One such mask is the V-Force Grill mask, a mask that costs just $60. For that incredible price, you first get a ton of color options to choose from. The V-Force grill has over 30 different color combinations which means that there is one for just about anyone, no matter how weird their taste is!

For the price it sells at, V-Force have done a fantastic job of including anti-scratch and distortion free lenses with this mask. The mask is designed to help you aim down your sights very well. The bottom of the mask is collapsible which means that paintball hits will bounce, giving you extended life in the game, with protecting your jawline. The whole mask is super lightweight which means you can wear it for many hours without experiencing fatigue.

Of course, since you are paying only a modest price, there are going to be some drawbacks. For example, it will take you about a minute to swap out a lens. High end masks on the other hand will allow you to do the same in just 30 seconds, sometimes even in just 10 seconds. But, if you are the type that doesn’t really change lenses during gameplay, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy this mask for the price it sells at.

We personally love the camo color although the blue, the black and the sporty orange/grey combination color models are fantastic as well. This can be a great starter mask.

Alternatives to the Dye Precision i5 and i4 Thermal Goggles

If you did some shopping for paintball masks, you might have already figured out that the Dye i4 and i5 are the best glasses out there. Both of these glasses cost just under $200. Though they are worth every penny they cost, they simply might be too high priced for some people’s budget.

If you are one of those people who want cool paintball masks without paying an arm and a leg for your mask, PaintballGunDoc highly recommends the Empire E-Flex, a high performance paintball mask that costs just about $100, about 80% cheaper than any of the Dye models.

The Empire E-Flex is one of the cool paintball masks as it comes in a combat wear styling. Available in 9 colors, the white and olive models are hot sellers. The mask offers a field of vision of 270 degrees. Though the Dye models offer up to 300 degrees of vision, one can argue that 270 degrees is about all the vision you will need. The comfort level on this mask is very, very high. So, it isn’t just one of those cool paintball masks that only offers looks.

This mask comes with nice think foam padding that will offer excellent protection to your ears. You can take hits to your ears and continue playing without as much as a flinch! The dual pane thermal anti-fogging lenses come in a clear finish and are just fantastic for play in hot or cold temperatures, without fogging problems.

Unfortunately, the lens doesn’t offer UV protection. You can however upgrade to one of Empire’s UV lenses if you wish. While upgrading the lens, you can also choose different finishes other than the clear finish. The mask comes with very comfortable and easy to adjust 2 inch straps that will allow you to make the mask snugly fit onto your head.

Please note that the stock lenses are not scratch resistant. So, when you upgrade the lens to UV, it makes sense to upgrade to a lens that is also scratch resistant.