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equipment Offer Hockey sticks with Different Properties

womens hockey sticks should be light weight and durable so that a player can play with it easily. A stick should be comfortable to hold and should have a firm grip so that a player has convenience during a game. understands this fact and also that the comfort offered by an ice hockey stick largely depends upon the properties of the stick and therefore these properties have been discussed here.

• Lie –The lie of a stick refers to the angle between the shaft of the stick and its blade. While making a stick at, careful attention is paid to it so that the lie is appropriate to each player’s requirement. Generally, players prefer a lie near 5.5 while a goal keeper’s lie is usually between 11 and 15. These lie numbers are derived keeping in mind that a value of 5 corresponds to 135 degrees and each additional value refers to a 2 degrees smaller angle.
• Flex – It is also called bend, stiffness or whip and refers to the amount of force that must be applied on a stick to bend it for a certain amount. This characteristic is looked at as very important by many women ice hockey players.
• Blade pattern – It is also considered to be a very important property of a stick as each blade differs in thickness and length and can be customized as per player requirements. The parameters for blade designing are the curve, face, angle and toe.
• Illegal curves – To prevent any illegal curve, the sticks are designed with a curve of ½ to 3/4th of an inch so that the game remains competitive.
• Tape – Different types of differently colored tapes are used at the top of a shaft to enhance the grip of a player. As per comfort, it entirely depends upon a player’s choice the kind of tape that she will use.
Among all women’s hockey equipments, the stick is perhaps the most important gear and hence ample attention is given while making a stick for each individual player so that these points are well kept in mind.

Laser Game Introduces us to many type of Guns

The laser game introduces us to many types of gun and the laser game equipment that contain these gun and many other real time weapons and accessories. A person playing the game can expect to learn a lot about the different types of gun and allied weapons. It can also offer an insight into the electronics that is used to manufacture this type of equipments. The application of infrared rays is used in the laser game and it makes the game so much interesting for the players participating in it and offers them a good knowledge on the following two points.

• Use of a gun depends upon an operation – Prior to playing this game, players may not have much idea of laser taggers. The laser tagger guns have been made to replicate the original ones and hence a range of 1000 feet has been assigned to the guns, though it is always better to use a matching gun for a purpose. For instance, in a war like situation, it is always better to use a rifle or a machine gun instead of a glock pistol and in a hostage like situation, a sniper rifle should be used so that the target can be eliminated successfully.
• The guns accommodate all ranges – One of the best features of these laser tag guns is their ability to shoot from as close as possible. This outweighs the guns that are used in similar types of game where it is not possible to shoot from close distances. Even the long distances shot by these guns severely outweigh those guns. Since the guns shoot straight, they again overshadow the other game’s gun and hence the popularity enjoyed by the game.

A lay man playing the laser game can be expected to learn a thing or two about guns, commercial laser tag system and real life situations where these weapons are employed. In addition to providing a good exercise, it can be a source of knowledge too.