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Twisty Glass Blunt, the best pipe in the market

The Twisty Glass Blunt is the most innovative smoking tool that has emerged at this time. A glass pipe with a spiral system that ensures a smoother longer lasting and better quality, made in a simple design, comfortable and easy to use and clean, designed to become the best companion for smokers.
The container has a cylindrical shape and is made of a very resistant glass of 2mm thickness, which does not break or rust and which will save you a lot of preparation time, as well as money invested in the special paper for tobacco.

The novelty is in its inner screw that fits the tube and when turning it eliminates the ashes easily, which ensures you can enjoy always fresh puffs, also keeps it on all the time, as with a cigar. By not using the paper you avoid the inhalation of toxins and enjoy the pure and original taste of the herb.
It can be loaded with up to 1.5 gr of the filling you have chosen. You just have to put it in the cylinder with the end cap on and fill it to your liking. Then you introduce the metal spiral until it is adjusted, remove the silicone lid, turn on and you’re done. It measures 10cm long and if you want you can adapt it to a water pipe.
The Twisty Glass Blunt is marketed by the LeBlunt store through Amazon and includes an additional glass container, a cleaning kit, a grinder card and an electronic book on its proper use and maintenance. You can smoke any type of herb that you want.
This glass blunt offers you an improved smoking experience. The air flow allows combustion to be carried out evenly and the smoke to be released slowly, obtaining a longer, but pure and powerful session.