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AKISAMA – A Look atthe Two Types of Building Foundation

It is no longer news that the foundation of a building determines whether it will collapse or not in the long run. There have been incidences of collapse buildings all around the world in recent times and this is not good at all. Most times, the collapse of a building lead to loss of lives and properties. Since this can be avoided, there are a lot of sensitization going on to enable people to know the dangers involved when they construct or allow their building contractors to construct buildings with shaky foundations. In this article, you will find out about the two types of foundations and the specific applications.

Shallow Foundation
This foundation is such that you do not dig deep at all to erect the foundation. It is normally used for residential buildings that will have their weights spread all over a very wide range. This is practicable because the wider area will give the building support and stability. It is used for areas where the soil is solid enough even when dug a little. There are various types of the shallow foundations; they include the mat slab foundation, spread footing foundation, rubble trench foundation, and the earthbag foundation.
Deep Foundation
The deep foundation is applicable in areas where the upper layer of the soil does not really have the quality to hold a structure. In such cases, the foundations will be established deep down into the soil so that it can support the structure. In the case where the area to be built is not large and there are going to be layered upon layers of floors in the building, it is essential that the building’s foundation is deep into the soil. Examples of this kind of foundation include the monopole, drilled piles, pipe piles, under reamed piles, and the Augercast pile foundations.

Make sure you always insist that the construction company like AKISAMA use the appropriate foundation when constructing a building for you.