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Electric Vs Wood Fireplace

The most recent year available, in the year 2012, a survey done by the Fireplace, Patio, & Barbecue Assoc. Confirmed that: “36 percent of homeowners said their fireplaces cape town or range proved to be a leading factor in choosing to buy and/or reside inside their current home.”

To put it differently, 36 % of those surveyed couldn’t hesitate to start hauling firewood, cleaning the crash up, inhaling dangerous airborne particulates and, most touching of all, seeing 80-90% of the heat generated by their wood fire go up the flue.

(Just for reference, in case your oil fired furnace was only 20% efficient it might function as the equivalent of paying $23 a gallon for heating oil in the present costs.).

The possibility to this wood burning madness is the clean, emission free, 100% efficient heat from an electric fireplace.

You’ll be pleased with the level of workmanship and surprised from the reality of the new LED powered fire screens for people who never have located the latest variations of electric fireplaces. Long gone are the cheesy fire screens consisting of some Christmas tree lights hidden behind a rolling aluminum cylinder.

A variant and trend for every single room in every home
Electric fireplaces come in designs and numerous variations. This is a quick overview of the most typical model types to give you a thought of the chances that are decorating.
Classic mantels
Classic mantels, as they have been called, are modeled following the classic wood burning fireplace and are what most people envision when they think of fireplaces Cape Town. These standard variants are classified as large, medium and small according to the width (facing the fireplace) of the mantel.