Procedures for buying swizz bullion gold

The procedure for Swiss bullion transaction means first proof to be shown that literally gold exists and the fact that sold by owner who holds title no through any third party bank or contract. The warehouse receipt, bank deposit and factory documents. In addition, there should be GLD or Good London Delivery on the gold with legal status. It is international standard means there is no lien or encumbrance on that gold weights 12.5kg standard bankable bullion bar with hallmark of LME approved assayer. The metal is guaranteed unconditionally by the bullion seller bank. This gold has to transfer to the billion banks European Union Au, if it is not from there.

gold switzerland seller issues should be soft offering complete procedures.
On the basis of review and acceptance from the soft offer this buyer should request their seller issue signed FCO on sellers or legal letterhead of mandates along with the papers mandate if mandate is used.
After verifying and accepts the sellers’ information now buyer sign FCO and submit the letter of intent along with mandate papers and a contract.
Seller should respond with contract signed and sealed full banking coordinates along with Swiss gold bullion officer of buyer invitation to contact bullion officer of seller.
Buyer then signs this contract by accepting the seller’s business officer invitation. Send the hard copy of this contract with sign of buyer and seller along with bank coordinates by buyer.
Bullion officer of buyer will initiate contact with bullion officer of seller through KTT.
Then seller should instruct their bullion officer to verify Au metal, quantity and disclose all the encumbrances and lien attached to this metal.
After accepting receipt and certificate of authority of metal, buyer confirm fund to make the payment.