Prime heaters – reviews of the best tankless water heaters

Everyone wants best for themselves and their family members. As a home owner, you will understand the importance of idealness. You would want good food to eat, waterproof rood and hot water to bath in the mornings. Keeping the former things aside, let’s talk about the latter term – hot water. Prime heaters can provide you with the best water heaters that are lightly weighted as well as long-lasting. You can get the best water heater for you according to your choices, preferences, needs, and budget. It has so many benefits – an end to the lack of hot water as well as the arguments among the children that who will take a shower first. Refer the official website of prime heaters or visit for more information related to the water heaters.

Prime Heaters – Reviews of the best tankless water heaters:
1. Stiebel Electron Tempra 24 – it’s an energy efficient model that has a compact and sleek design. It does not require venting and operates on 240 volts of electricity. The water heater weighs 15.4 pounds and has a sever years warranty period on the exchange facility.
2. Ecosmart ECO 18 – it is one of the best tankless water heaters with the feature of adjustable temperature controls. Tough it is an energy efficient model but has a limited manufacturer’s warranty. The weight of the water heater is 14 pounds.
3. Ariston GL2.5 – this electric mini tankless water heater is available at the prime heaters. This one has a capacity of storing 2.5 gallons with just 16 pounds of weight. It is protected by one year warranty on the heater parts and six years on the exchange.
4. Rinnai RL94iP Propane – this water heater has a capacity to deliver 9.4 gallons of hot water every minute. You can set the temperature between 98 – 140 degrees Fahrenheit according to the choice. Along with these features, you get a 12 years warranty on heater exchange.
There is a heater for every home at prime heaters.