One ingredient slime challenge

My Youtuber friend Wengie gave an amazing recipe of how to prepare one-ingredient slime, using no borax and no glue so here I am to provide you with the abstract of what she told. If I take tapioca starch, as the ingredient for it is moist and elastic. Then you have to take four tablespoons into a bowl to which add a half cup of water, mix it well and then microwave the mixture for thirty seconds. If it is not prepared well then microwave it again. Afterwards, pour it into cold water, for it will look like crystal slime. Add color to it. She rated this one as, ten out of ten.

Now if I take some regular hand-soap in a container. After mixing it, place it in the freezer for about ten minutes. When it is taken out from the freezer it is quite similar to slime. She rated this one as, three out of ten. Now if I replace it with a toothpaste. After mixing it, microwave it for ten to twenty seconds until it becomes a slime. Repeat this process if not prepared well. Since it was similar to clay and not slime so, She rated this one as, three out of ten or maybe two.

Our next ingredient is a three-in-one conditioner and a body wash. After mixing it microwave it for twenty seconds. After taking out, it appears more like water so place the mixture into the freezer for five minutes. After taking out from the freezer it will look much like regular slime. Lastly, we add two tablespoons of Metamucil in a half cup of water. After mixing microwave it for thirty seconds. After thirty seconds it looks like slime. Add glitter to it. She rated this one as, seven or eight out of ten.