IPTV Technology in Hotels and Hospitality

IPTV network systems could be individually custom-made to fulfill the initial requirements of the hospitality and hotel market. Be it a humble boutique guest home, luxury 5 star hotel or a sports stadium, there are always a range of tools in the marketplace to offer a whole top IPTV service providers to your hotel and hospitality guests.

Why IPTV for Hotels?
IPTV can be what your valuable hotel guests will anticipate and demand. It’s the future of any Television distribution in a Hotel and with IPTV technology; you’ll have a wealth of benefits:
• Distribute free view and subscription satellite or terrestrial television signals across your personal computer network to every guest bedroom, bar, conference service or public region within a hotel
• Provide comprehensive set of local and Spanish Television and radio channel, in-house marketing channel to common areas, guest areas, restaurants and bars
• Fully HD compatible
• The HD interface can be custom- produced to each company’s own branding to permit for logos, images, movies etc.
• Deliver live Television and video/music on demand to Guest Rooms
• Prevents installing multiple network systems and wires around your building
• Electronic Program Guideline: Top IPTV service providers providing information on it channels offered by the Hotel