How you can earn free flights through travel hacking

Travel hacking means working with certain rules that is set by airlines, hotels and credit cards using which you can have the advantage of getting free traveling that includes, flight, stay and other upgrades.

This travel hack is not new at all, it is being years that frequent flyer program got created and loyalty programs. It is hotter now as more people are trying to hack their travel than people who otherwise. In general hacking means overuse, it is legal completely and less complex. Those who want to get into this game even without knowing the other different options available or hours of research then following are the offers to get start immediately.
If this hacking becomes hobby for you it is better following selected resources that are dedicated. Since airline rules, credit card and promotions changes constantly, so pay little attention to increase miles and rewards point you earn.
There are two steps in this process of hacking:
1. Sign up to avail all rewards and flier program
All the programs available are for free, so no need to sign up for same airlines and hotels for second time. If you go with new hotel or fly new airlines then you have sign up with their program to earn credit that time. You can check the corresponding flight and hotel discounts websites before you book to see current promotion running to earn extra points or miles.
2. Be repeat customer
Fly using same airlines and stay in same hotel whenever possible. Loyalty programs are offered for this specific reason and it will work also. Look for the company that you like more and stay with them. But it cannot be possible always due to availability and cost still you should try to be repeat customer.