How does this article from help guys out?

This article from states that asking a person to go out with at the time of homecoming is not an easy thing. Refusals are very much heartbreaking and hurting, so to keep the things according to the trend, a person who is asking a girl out must be very much unique in his idea or the thought. The person who is proposing his friend must be able to understand the fact of the little symbolic things that their friendship lies on. For example, if he calls her with a nickname that is symbolic like beauty he could gift her shirts one with beauty and one with beast written on it with a note asking her to be his beauty.

The idea is very much unique and attractive and most of the times win a yes form the other side. Moreover, candies and chocolates are the best things that could be given to a girl while asking her out. This is because of the fact that the chocolates are loved by almost every girl in the world. Some expensive chocolates along with a bunch of flowers can win her heart in no time as this article from tells. However, creating a mystery is also a very thrilling idea and surprising a crush with a scavenger hunt kind of a game and at the end asking her out will definitely be a yes from her.
A scrapbook is one of the most wonderful and brilliant ideas. The pictures of the crush could be printed out along with the person’s feeling written on every single page of the scrapbook. Secret letters and notes could be placed in the pockets created on every page. Origami styles paper folding techniques could be used along with pages of different prints and patterns to get the scrapbook look amazing and attractive. At the end of the page, the crush could be asked to go out on homecoming like this article from informs.