Get $600 off this season for the seated e-scooter

Mobot is an online website comprising of different types of electric scooter with seat. all these are done by the revolutionary entrepreneur Mr. Lai and his dedicated team. They have done constant perseverance to bring up this into market and create the people’s life easy and reliable products have got out standing feed back from the customers. They are the leaders of there business and have grown up because of the constant hard work.

Knight PRO is currently in the sale period of the seasonal sale offer. Giving you a $600 off on the price, it is the best available seated e-scooter in the market. This is best product in every aspect be it security, comfort or smart functions. Its powers are great and the features are too good with the less price. It has proved to be the reliable scooter. The features like the single touch button, that helps you fold or unfold it quickly.

The wide and firm saddle and comfortable seat will initiate you for riding further. They are made of aluminium alloy giving it durability and tensile strength. And also, the weight it less. The weight is around 1120kg. thus, durable and light weight together.

The tires are 12’’ pneumatic type giving you the comfort to ride it. It has proper grooving on it helps to maintain friction and boost the speed too. The twist throttle type gives an increased sensitivity and thus riding experience is enhanced more. The Singapore safety mark certified charger provides security and also lets you not over charge the battery. It just takes 3-4 hours to charge. Giving a 12 months warranty on the seated escooter.

This seated electric scooterhas a wide range of popularity and also a great amount of feature making it very favourable to buy it and use it. This can be stored anywhere and can be used anytime you want. The customer service is always available to take your call, there are many offices and stores in Singapore for these services.