Do You Make These Costly Mistakes When Buying Promotional Products?

Imprinted marketing specialties are perfect low cost promotional gifts for prospects, clients and employees. When used correctly, promotional products are able to continue to keep your name before your prospects when they’ll be likely to use your services or products. Imprinted advertising specialty gifts may also help earn you referrals and promote your own brand and message. Actually, specialty advertising can be one of your cheapest costs per impression process of promotion and yield significant returns on investment for your marketing dollar.

Nevertheless, in over 24 years in the promotional products business, I’ve observed exactly the same mistakes being produced time after time which wind up costing hundreds, if not tens of thousands of dollars. Below is the top mistakes to avoid when ordering promotional products for a trade show, direct mail campaign, or for any other occasion.

Avoid Unnecessary Establish ups Charges:

When establishing any printed arrangement, from catalogue printing and business cards to advertising specialties, there’s ample time required upfront to prepare the presses.

With marketing specialties, lots of times you will find jigs which will need to be ready that hold the thing in position, ink colors which have to be examined, trial runs to guarantee that the colors and inks are right, etc. These measures can take up to 30-45 minutes or more on several tasks, so most advertising specialty dictates have a setup charge fee to help defray those costs. For the customer who always puts a minimal reorder for exactly the identical product, they may frequently be struck with installation charges many times per year, as a few tasks demand a setup charge on every order, while it’s a reorder or not. Be sensible and expect supply so that you simply need to pay for installation prices one time, readily saving you hundreds of dollars each year.