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Best Drill Press Choices for Your Home Wood Shop

Walter Meier Manufacturing creates an excellent line of power tools under the Jet brand. They range from cheap home tools to industrial production equipment. After looking into woodworking programs for a new store, I found Jet tools and was amazed I had not known about them before – Walter Meier was in business nearly 75 years and also have a faithful following. Later in this article I’ll be talking Jet drill presses for your home store. The Jet lineup is well known for ruggedness, durability, and precision at reasonable rates.

The suitable selection of almost any woodworking power tool is dependent upon the type of job you are going to do and the accessible space. If space is restricted you will most likely need to go for a bench top design since they may be mounted to roll out of the way when they are not being used. Free standing presses are usually heavier and really can not be mounted so that they’re both secure and movable. Based upon the job you are doing you will require a huge swing (drilling stove) and operate desk, otherwise a more compact swing may provide you a bigger media. Horse power is also a significant element. Typically the more the better, but more powerful machines have a tendency to be bigger. You might also need to think about varying rate. Most drill presses permit you to pick from a dozen or so fixed rates by altering which pulleys the belt is on. A variable-speed pushes lets you continuously vary speed simply by turning a knob.

Jet leaves a dozen or more versions of best benchtop drill press with costs which range from a couple hundred to a few thousand bucks, so I will be talking just the three most common moderately-priced versions here.

The Jet JPD-15M drill press is midsize and is the hottest version. It’s a 15″ swing and it is intended for bench top mounting. The engine is a hefty Horsepower, and this version is famous for its strength, rigidity, and durability. Nothing elaborate, only a good instrument. The 15M includes 16 belt-selectable rates ranging from 200 to 3,600 rpm. There is an additional 10 x 13″ work surface, and this version involves a 5/8″ throw. The JPD-15MF is nearly identical, except that it is freestanding (floor mount).

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