Best things on WhatsApp

There are a lot of features on Free whatsapp download – installwasapplus and especially the advanced features of Free whatsapp download – installwasapplus is something that keeps the user attracted to this application.

There is always an update every now and then just to fix the bugs. There could also be some of the loopholes but the team of WhatsApp is always working towards fixing these minute issues as well enhancing the user experience at all times.

Below mentioned are some of the best things on WhatsApp that can make the user lives so easy that you will not want to get away with this application at all.

• Location Sharing

Location sharing is one of the most amazing features of Free whatsapp download – installwasapplus application. When you call for a driver and you do not know how to direct him or her to your house it becomes very easy for you to just go ahead and share the current location of wherever you are so that the person will be connected to GPS automatically and that will direct them to reach appropriately.

• Voice recording

Voice recording feature is one of the other aspects of WhatsApp that makes it outstanding because a lot of people are very lazy to go ahead and type therefore; they would always prefer to record voices and send it across to the others.
Voice recording is one of the other features that make WhatsApp best messaging service if you do not want to type and get your fingers worked out then you can always go ahead and use your voice and also sing songs to your loved ones using WhatsApp.

• Sharing photos and videos

Videos of larger size can be shared on WhatsApp and this particular option is not available on some of the instant messaging services but Whatsapp gives you that liberty. well