All you should know about oncolytic virus therapy

oncolytic virus therapy involves the use of a specific virus to tackle the case of malignant melanoma which is a very aggressive form of skin cancer. The virus used for this therapy is called the riga virus. This is the first clinically accepted virus in world and is known to effectively treat the case of melanoma. Most of the time this therapy can also done after chemotherapy and radiation has also being done, it is a continuous process and a place for medical supervision is also required to monitor the performance of this therapy. This therapy can be used to treat stage 1 melanoma .This therapy is also classified as a form of virotherapy.

oncolytic virus therapy entails a special virus that is introduced into the body. This virus which is the riga virus goes straight to affect the cancerous cells only, it penetrates these cancerous cells and multiplies inside of them causing them to die. The presence of this virus also causes the increase of lymphatic activities that in other words accounts for the boosting of the immune system that helps prevent further spread of the cancerous cells. The riga virus injection must kept in frozen form until injected into the patient. It should be injected in areas that are close to the cancerous tumor. These injections are mostly given in the shoulder or in the buttocks of the patients.
This form of virotherapy has being seen to be significantly effective as it is one that specifically kills only infected cells unlike where other cells maybe damage and still accounts for the boosting of the immune system, thereby helping you prevent further spread and localizing the treatment action. No severe side effect has ever being recorded as such it attracts fairly normal response from patients where the average side effects include pain in the injection area, sleepiness and gastrointestinal disturbances.